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Frequently Asked Questions

While many POS systems have implemented loyalty tools in recent years, we’ve found that most POS-based programs neglect the integration and marketing capabilities needed to build robust customer loyalty programs. Unlike a POS system that focuses primarily on transactions, the Olive + Leo platform provides a holistic approach to customer relationship management by offering advanced texting capabilities, automation, and data reporting.

As of now, our platform does not integrate with any POS systems. Most users utilize our in-store kiosk for sign-ups. However, if you have permission from your current POS system to send text messages, you can use it to capture information and upload it to the Olive + Leo software. Our team can help you upload contacts to your database to ensure TCPA compliance. 

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users and ensuring that your information is used responsibly. We will never sell or share your personal information with any third-party companies without your consent. We also implement strict security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

For more detailed information about our privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Our platform simplifies the process of collecting and managing customer information. One of the unique characteristics of our approach is that we provide a variety of promotional tactics to build your database (i.e. – QR codes, “text to sign up” keywords, website integration) that make it incredibly easy for customers to sign up in less than five seconds. We can also equip you with an in-store kiosk to quickly collect customer data at a kiosk or point-of-purchase location. On the back end, our intuitive interface allows you to manage customer data and segment your audience.

The platform is designed in a way that’s intuitive to navigate and easy for your team to use. The text marketing platform includes a user-friendly interface and makes it incredibly simple to set up and manage your text marketing program. And if you need support in creating the content for your campaigns, Olive + Leo offers a fully managed content marketing package.

Our platform offers a wide range of text marketing campaign types to engage customers and achieve your business objectives. You can create personalized messages, send animated GIFs to promote new menu items, offer exclusive promotions, follow up with lapsed patrons, and send “birthday/holiday” gifts. We have multiple successful case studies showcasing how various businesses in the hospitality industry have used our platform to achieve their goals.

All plans are hassle-free monthly subscriptions with no long-term commitments. You have the freedom to cancel at any time, giving you full control over your subscription experience.

The amount of time you and your team should invest in connecting with customers and marketing efforts can vary based on several factors. Here are some general guidelines:

Daily Engagement: Engaging with customers on social media, responding to comments, and monitoring feedback are tasks that can benefit from daily attention. Allocate time each day for these activities to maintain a consistent online presence.

Content Creation: Depending on your content strategy, creating posts, photos, videos, and other marketing materials may require dedicated time, ranging from a few hours per week to more extensive efforts for larger campaigns.

Email Marketing: If you incorporate email marketing into your strategy, creating and sending emails may require periodic attention, whether it’s weekly or monthly.

Campaign Management: If you’re running specific campaigns, managing and monitoring them may require additional time during the campaign period.

Monthly Strategy Review: Reviewing and refining your customer engagement strategy on a monthly basis, as you mentioned in the Loyalty Package, may take a few hours to assess performance and plan for the next month.

Olive + Leo can manage all text marketing, customer engagement and email efforts on your behalf if you choose the full-service package. Our team will work closely with you to optimize your team’s time in curating all assets for social media.

At Olive + Leo, we craft bespoke social media strategies exclusively for our Loyalty Package subscribers. Our monthly strategies serve as a guiding beacon for your team members, empowering them to curate authentic and compelling photos and videos. We believe in harnessing the unique perspectives of those who are immersed in the daily rhythm of your restaurant, ensuring that the content and assets resonate organically with your audience.

Olive + Leo is committed to transparency and accountability. Our monthly reports comprehensively detail the outcomes of all customer engagement initiatives. You can expect a thorough analysis of key performance indicators, campaign results, social media metrics, and other relevant data. These reports provide valuable insights, enabling you to gauge the impact of our efforts and make informed decisions to further optimize your customer engagement strategies.

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