From Feedback to Foot Traffic: Using Text Marketing to Gather Insights and Drive Action

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In today’s competitive restaurant landscape, standing out requires more than delicious food and a charming atmosphere. Customers crave personalized experiences and genuine connections. Text marketing delivers both in spades. According to recent statistics, over 90% of consumers want to engage with businesses via text messages. It’s one of the most effective marketing channels for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other hospitality businesses. 

At Olive + Leo, we believe the potential of text marketing for the hospitality industry goes beyond sending out automated text marketing campaigns. Instead, it’s about harnessing the power of two-way conversations to understand your customers better and transform their feedback into actionable strategies. That’s why we’ve designed a streamlined text marketing and digital engagement platform with a unique twist: 1×1 conversational texting

In this article, we’ll explore how restaurants can leverage Olive + Leo’s text marketing platform to gather both quantitative and qualitative insights, transforming feedback into actionable strategies to drive foot traffic and enhance the customer experience.

Measuring the Impact of Your Text Marketing Campaigns

Text marketing campaigns provide valuable metrics that restaurants can use to gain insights and improve their marketing efforts. Here are some key metrics we encourage Olive + Leo users to consider:

  • Opt-in Rate

    This metric tracks the percentage of people who sign up for your text marketing list. A high opt-in rate indicates effective signup methods. Measuring this number can help you determine the effectiveness of your signage or promotional messaging. It can also identify potential gaps in your customer loyalty program

  • Open Rate 

    The open rate measures the percentage of people who open your text messages. A high open rate suggests engagement with your content and can help you gauge the effectiveness of your messaging. If your open rate decreases over time, you may need to improve the texts you send. 

  • Campaign Performance 

    Olive + Leo’s platform allows you to track the success of different text marketing campaigns based on foot traffic uplift. By analyzing campaign performance, you can identify which promotions resonate most with your customers and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Redemption Rate 

    Monitoring how many customers redeem loyalty program rewards provides insights into the effectiveness of your loyalty program and can help you tailor future promotions to incentivize repeat visits.

  • Frequency of Visits

    Tracking how often customers visit your restaurant within a specific timeframe allows you to identify trends and patterns in customer behavior. Understanding visit frequency can guide personalized marketing campaigns or loyalty rewards to encourage more frequent visits.

Effective Text Marketing Scripts to Gather Feedback

Here are some example questions or text messages that restaurants could send through the Olive + Leo platform to gather insights from customers:

1. After a second visit to your location

“Thanks for visiting us again! We’re always looking to improve! What one thing could we do to make your next visit even better? Reply with your suggestion for a free dessert.” 

This text leverages the second visit milestone to encourage feedback while offering an incentive to boost response rates. It opens a two-way conversation with a customer, showing you value their opinion and care about their experience.

2. To encourage frequent check-ins

“Hi [Customer’s Name], we noticed you haven’t visited us in a while. Is there a reason for that? We’d love to hear your thoughts and welcome you back with a special offer!” 

This text acknowledges their absence in a friendly, non-accusatory way. It subtly asks for feedback on why they haven’t been back and offers a special offer as an incentive to return. The warm, inviting tone encourages a response and rekindles their connection with your restaurant.

3. When promoting your next event

“We’re hosting a [special event] on [date]. Would you be interested in attending? Reply with RSVP or PASS.” 

This text creates a sense of excitement and exclusivity around your event. It clearly communicates the event details and provides an easy way for customers to RSVP or decline. This helps gauge potential attendance and allows you to personalize future event promotions based on their interests.

4 . To enhance your customer loyalty program

“Hi [Customer Name]! We’re revamping our loyalty program! What rewards would motivate you to visit more often? (Reply with points, discounts, or exclusive experiences)”

This text directly involves the customer in shaping the future of your loyalty program, making them feel valued and heard. It offers three specific reward options to guide their response and gather valuable insights into their preferences. 

Ready to Take Your Text Marketing to the Next Level?

With Olive + Leo’s platform, you can leverage traditional and conversational text campaigns to engage with your customers, gather valuable feedback, and increase foot traffic. Learn more about our platform and explore our packages to discover how you can transform your restaurant marketing today.

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