7 Text Marketing Campaigns to Drive Customers To Your Restaurant

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In the fiercely competitive world of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, standing out from the crowd can feel like a desperate juggling act. You’re constantly innovating menus, crafting enticing ambiance, and fighting for attention in a digital landscape overflowing with options. But what if there was a secret weapon that could cut through the noise, directly connect with customers, and drive them straight through your doors? Enter the mighty power of text marketing.

Did you know?

  • 98% of text messages are opened within minutes, compared to just 20% of email opens.
  • Customers who receive text messages from restaurants spend 67% more than those who don’t.
  • Text marketing boasts a conversion rate of 20%, compared to just 2% for email marketing.

Text marketing is a game-changer for the hospitality industry, offering a direct line to your customers’ hands and wallets—a line that bypasses the clutter of email inboxes and social media feeds. But let’s be honest; coming up with fresh, compelling text campaigns can feel like orders are stacking up on your KDS or order terminal.

How do you create text messages that stand out and don’t just get ignored?

That’s where we come in! We at Olive + Leo know the power of creative campaigns that resonate with your audience, and we’re excited to share a few of our favorite text marketing ideas to ignite your creativity and send customers flocking through your doors.

1. Flash Happy Hour Deals: Surprise and delight with limited-time offers.

Why it works: Scarcity fuels desire! This unexpected treat entices customers to seize the moment and enjoy a discounted happy hour.

Example: “Flash Happy Hour Alert! Get 50% off all cocktails from 4-6 PM tonight only! Show this text at the bar to redeem. Cheers!”

2. Mystery Flavor Challenge: Spark intrigue and engagement, especially for coffee shops.

Why it works: Curiosity is a powerful marketing tool. This interactive campaign encourages customers to guess the secret ingredient and enjoy the fun.

Text Example: Guess the secret ingredient in our new latte for a chance to win a week’s worth of FREE coffee! ☕️ Hint: It’s not what you think. Text “FLAVOR” if you think you know. (Photo image: Picture of latte with question mark)

3. Exclusive Tasting Events: Create a VIP experience and generate buzz.

Why it works: Exclusivity is alluring! This invitation to a special event makes customers feel valued and entices them to try new offerings.

Text Example: “Exclusive Wine Tasting Event this Friday at 7 PM! Limited spots are available. Reserve now and enjoy a complimentary appetizer on us!”

4. VIP Perks for Regulars: Show appreciation and foster loyalty.

Why it works: Everyone loves feeling special! Recognizing your regulars with exclusive discounts reinforces their value and encourages repeat visits.

Text Example: “You’re a VIP! Enjoy 20% off your next meal as a thank you for being a loyal customer. Show this text to redeem. Valid until [expiry date].”

5. Personalized Birthday Surprise: Make them feel special with a birthday treat.

Why it works: Personalization goes a long way! This gesture of appreciation strengthens customer loyalty and encourages them to celebrate with you.

Text Example: “Happy Birthday, [Name]! Enjoy a FREE [Signature dish/drink] on us to celebrate! Just show this text at checkout. Text “BIRTHDAY” to confirm. (Photo image: the free dish or drink).”

6. The “Secret Bar Speakeasy Experience”: Intrigue and exclusivity for adventurous customers.

Why it works: Mystery and exclusivity are irresistible! This campaign creates a unique experience that attracts curious customers and drives foot traffic to your bar.

Text Example: ” Password needed! Want to unlock a hidden speakeasy menu with exclusive cocktails at our bar? Mention “Bob’s Your Uncle” to the hostess to get access! #SecretBar” (Animated GIF: a vintage keyhole and key)

7. Hidden Gem Hunt: Encourage exploration and local engagement.

Why it works: This interactive campaign combines surprise and local discovery, fostering community connection and foot traffic.

Text Example: ” Explore your city! Find the hidden gem at [landmark] and scan the QR code for a surprise discount! #CityAdventure” (Photo image: a landmark with a blurred QR code)

Ready to Unleash the Power of Text Marketing?

Remember, the key to success lies in understanding your audience and tailoring your message accordingly. Don’t be afraid to experiment, track your results, and personalize your campaigns to truly resonate with your audience. With Olive+Leo’s user-friendly platform at your fingertips, creating and executing these campaigns is easier than ever.

Explore our platform and packages to see how Olive+ Leo can help you create your own text marketing campaigns.

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